Thursday, February 5, 2009

Am I Ready for His Return?

This post is inspired by the thoughts of my sister, Keren. Keren is awesome (as are all of my siblings). She's so creative and just a very "deep" person. Check out this video she created (to the song she wrote and recorded)about purgatory inspired by "Dante's Inferno":

The part of the song where she finds my dad makes me kinda sad. She portrays my dad acting sort of cold towards her I think. Keren has described to me how she envisions heaven. She says that family wont really matter in heaven because the only thing that will matter is praising and worshiping God. Keren is the only person I can think of that doesn't buy into common comfort phrase of "You be with them again in heaven". She told me that when she gets to heaven, she sees herself in a huge crowd of people all worship God, she looks over and sees my dad, they nod at each other, smile, and then continue to worship. That's a radical thought to me. I guess I've always bought into the idea that the first thing I'd do when I get to heaven would be track down my dad and my brother Caleb, run to them, hug them, and let them know how much I've missed them. But the more Keren has stirred up my thoughts I realize that maybe that's a bunch of crap. Maybe we'll be so awestruck in the presence of God that nothing of this Earth will matter.

I think that's kind of a cool idea. That God is so majestic that he erases the importance of everything that we hold so dear to us. On the other hand though, I hate that idea. We get so close to people here on Earth and then, when they die, that's it. Gone forever. There's no comfort in that. It makes me wonder if we are really ready for Jesus to return. Don't you think that in the back of ours minds we're wishing for Him to hold off, we just want a little more time with our loved ones before we enter heaven and lose them. I dunno, maybe I'm way off, maybe Keren's way off, but maybe some of it makes sense- it at least makes you think a little.


  1. dude- I just got a chance to check out this blog today, and wouldn't you know it, you give me props! Sahhhweet. Ya I know that my image of heaven is kind of sad. But I think that it is so beyond human comprehension how we can be okay with not seeing our earthly loved ones. We'll just have to wait and see...

  2. I think Keren has a good point. That's the way I hope it is. If we aren't overwhelmed by God's presence, it would be too sad to think about who isn't there.